STP integrates art, ecology, health (and beer) on a six acre site next to Forest Park in Portland, Oregon. We have land and space for experiments and we invite the public to participate.

Experiments in culture and ecology

mid-14c., from Old French esperment “practical knowledge, cunning, enchantment; trial, proof, example, lesson,” from Latin experimentum “a trial, test, proof, experiment,” noun of action from experiri “to test, try”

Field of Opportunity

In the Field of Opportunity we are playing the long game, learning about the site, getting gardens going, looking toward the big picture and experimenting as we go.

Good Growing

Using permaculture and ecological design principles we are growing food and herbs, composting and restoring the land. Volunteers help with land projects, finding themselves renewed by the natural surroundings and getting their hands dirty.

Art Installations

People Blind

People Blind is an installation by Peg Butler. Originally created for the Portland Building installation Space, it’s now in its second life as a people watching blind facing the Tavern.

El Matador (ensemble member) surfs The Peaks.

The Peaks

By Eric Rosewall

The Peaks was created as a part of the 2013 GLEAN artist in residence program, using material pulled from the local waste stream. The entire collection of works created during the residency was inspired by the mountains – and subsequent landscape – of garbage found at Metro’s waste transfer stations. Peaks attempts to reflect and transform this landscape of junk into an odd, yet beautiful caricature.

clock tower: save gasco as is

"Save GASCO As Is" was a campaign to save the Portland Gas & Coke Building from demolition. The goal was to save it as a relic, leaving the beautiful form of the structure as a iconic monument. Alas, the building was torn down in the fall of 2015.